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Our Advantages


We, AIDER, are located in the City of Xiamen, Fujian Province adjacent to Canton and Zhejiang, which is one of the three biggest shoe production bases in China. Besides, Xiamen is a seaport city, with its sea route to most ports all over the world. We make full use of the location advantage to cooperate with our suppliers and provide qualitative products and services to our customers.

Quality Control system

We are renowned for our distinguished QC team who are highly experienced with the shoes making and quality control required by the standard ISO quality system. Asides from attaching great importance to the test of raw materials resulting in the foundation of our own laboratory, we strictly control and supervise every aspect of the shoes making, from the samples making to mass production in a whole process to guarantee the quality and delivery.


 The R&D team in AIDER are talented; We are customer-oriented and market-aware and are specializing in the sport shoes, casual shoes and sandals to satisfy your own needs. To catch up with the international market trends, they are required to take part in various kinds of exhibitions and to learn and absorb the advanced technique for shoes-making. All in all, they are particular and refined if not fastidious in R&D in order to be the landscape of fashion and win over the customers.

 Procurement and Sales

The well-trained sales team in AIDER is well experienced in exporting shoes. Thanks to their strategic procurement, effective, effective operating style, customer-oriented consciousness and honest credit of doing business, AIDER is endowed with great reputation among customers and really wins them over.

Cooperative Suppliers

We are in good cooperation with tens of factories located in Jin jiang, Pu tian, Zhejiang, Henan, Chongqing for more than 10 years. Most of these factories are equipped with advanced production lines and technology, asides from that, they also shoulder the social responsibilities by providing clean environment and better working conditions to the workers, and get the certifications of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environment Management System and SA 8000 Social Responsibilities respectively. To ensure the sustainable improvement of the disqualified factories, we conduct the audit to the factories twice a year on Environment, Production Capabilities, Quality, Delivery, etc. Furthermore, we invite the suppliers’ management team to join the training course with us to learn and share the advanced knowledge, vision and mission together. Only as they are making progress constantly in management and technique, can they become our long-term strategic cooperative partners.